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DecA Screen Frames

The last window screen you buy.

What Size do I need?

Replace Existing Screen?

Measure the out side height and out side width of the existing screen. Also known as tip to tip. DecA Screen frame is 7/16” wide. Make sure existing channel  holding screen can accept that width.

Filling in an Opening?

Measure the inside width and height of the opening.

Covering an Opening?

Measure the open space you want covered and add 2 inches, or measure the space available the outside perimeter of the frame that it needs to fit.

Information Required:

Frame Height* _____

Frame Width* ______

Frame Color:   

     White    Bronze

Screen Type:

     Super Screen   

     Solar Screen


Screen Color (Solar Screen Only):

Black               Gray           Brown,

Desert Sand     White         Beige

* To the nearest 1/16”.

Email us at: robert@robertsgarden.com or call at 239-772-8136


TEXTILENE  ® Super Screen®

TEXTILENE  ® 80 Solar Screen

Prices include shipping and handling for orders of 3 or more. An additional $5 per screen for one and two screen orders.

Order Process

  1. Take preliminary measurements and contact us by phone or email.
  2. We will provide a  dimensioned drawing with specifications and contract for your approval.(This step maybe done several times.)
  3. Once contract is signed and payment recieved we will  proceed to build and ship. It will take 5 to 7 days from approval to shipment.
  4. You will recieve notice when product is shipped and package tracking information.