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Smart Screen System

Step 1

Provide a picture and photos of the patio you want to roof over. Design considerations are: attaching to the house, height of the roof line, location of the walls, location of the door, location of the down spouts, colors, dirt deflection panels or screen at the bottom of the wall. The design and layout  phase will go through several iterations. The goal is to have an end product that is roomy on the inside, has a comfortable feel, a good view, and no leaks while making sure that the enclosure is easily constructible. Depending on the size these Smart Screen patio rooms can be built in one to two days.

Step 2

Once the design is complete and contract executed Spartan Screen will provide a finished drawing with all the details noted. When the customer signs off, the project is let to the shop and manufacturing initiated. Customer is notified when the project will be shipped.

Step 3

When the project arrives  follow the standard procedure  inspecting  for damage and notifying the carrier. The basic steps are: build the front support wall, attache channel to the house, install the roof panels, install the side walls, install fascia and gutter, finish securing structure together and to deck. When done you will have a finished porch that is drier due to no rain ore dew, cooler due to now direct sunshine, warmer due to reduced wind and breeze, and cleaner due to the screen an dirt barrier.                                           

Three Steps to a Successful Project

Close Window and Return

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U Shape Porch Before - Spartan Screen

This is the deck before the new roof and walls. It was virtually impossible to keep the leaves and the furniture clean. The deck and furniture were exposed to the daily morning dew and the concomitant problems of mold and mildew.

Wall Channel - Spartan Screen

A channel is attached to the wall for the front panels to slide into. This system allows for minor adjustments for plumb and level before permanently anchoring the walls.

The solid roof panels are supported on top of the wall on the right and by the channel under the roof on the left. The roof is screwed down to the front wall with long screws.

Overhang and Gutter - Spartan Screen

The roof panels need to be long enough for a proper overhang. The installation of extruded gutter and fascia finish the installation nicely.

Screen Room

The finished room fits in nicely the the home style. A white ceiling was used to keep the inside light colored. Wall panels were installed in the bottom 16” to keep dirt and rain splash out and protect the screen from flying lawnmower debris.