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Smart Screen Panel System

Screen panels to enhance outdoor living.

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Smart Screen Systems are an economical means to extend the time you can enjoy using your existing porch, trellis, deck or whatever. The advantages of screened in areas are: passive solar protection, wind protection, biting insect protection, flying object protection (I.e. Golf balls), vermin protection (snakes?), pet containment, and child containment.  Screen in your current structures to extend their useful enjoyment time.

There are 5 colors to chose from. Screen doors can be custom designed and built  to harmonize with the existing house design style. Smart Screen Systems can be built around existing railings or code compliant railings can be built to into the frames. All Smart Screen Systems roofs can be built to meet local building code standards. All panels are shop built and shipped by common carrier.

There are three basic ways to extend the utility of your current space:

Screen in an Existing Porch

Existing porches can be screened in with custom panels built to fit your specific openings.   The panels are designed to be installed from the inside looking out. The panels are anchored in place with specially designed anchors that can be used in wood, concrete and brick. MORE->

Screen in Porch or Patio -Screen Roof

These structures can be attached to an existing structure or stand alone. The screen roof will shade the interior, stop flying objects and wind borne debris. However, it fails miserably stopping rain. A typical installation can be completed in less than a day.  MORE->

Roofed Over Patio

This type of structure provides the added benefit of rain and sun protection. If you are outside and do not like the heat of the sun hitting the top of your head, you would like this system. Smart Screen Systems uses Styrofoam insulated panels with textured aluminum of steel on the face. When properly installed the roof will not leak, will not sweat in the mornings (stays cleaner) and deadens the noise when it rains. Again, it is possible to install on of these structures in a day. A larger one may take two days. It does help immensely if two people are working together.  MORE->

Commercial Applications

There are a wide variety of screen and fabric materials with attractive properties that can be used in the Smart Screen System. There are fabrics that can be used as shade and wind protection. Other fabrics that can keep rain and dirt out. Certain solar fabrics can also provide day time privacy. MORE->